a letter from glugu duwur


Friday, 13 April 2012 | A Letter From Friend To Sariman Abeng Irwan | Official Site …… SatriaPrumpung Yours Sincerely and best wishes for my best friend in Sidareja – Cilacap, May God be with us .. .. “Man, how’s it going there? Hope ya in good health, as well greetings for family and friend there, Man, I deliberately wrote this media just want to tell you something about how the lives of teens in this county, Man, probably the I say hard to believe that by you but I say to you honestly without exaggeration and minus- deduct, immediately wrote ya Man, didaerahku a girl was a freak guns are above the knee dress, even it has become a hobby, even to the pasarpun they wear clothing that completely lack even one of his best friends daughter said “I like to wear skirts guns, complicated” And when the night came when they were the most anti guns out of the house, went about looking for attention and they always encouraged himself by
driving a large motor ” Anyway, if guns Vixion guns “even when there is an experience I want ketemuan with a woman, she asked me,” Motor you what? “I replied:” Supra “and then she said again” Ah, the days gini Supra? Vixion atuh, guns so deh ketemuanya “He’s more inclined to think the treasure than looks and love, yes like that. Then
the same language they are too ashamed to use it
themselves, they actually use the language of others who are more famous, what’s so arrogant guns? And Just today, Friday 13 April 2012 the 14 November 2007 reoccur when I was accosted by a woman who loves me, but I do not want and today even worse than that, this afternoon I was again working right Mamah said I was a woman came with a lump of something beautiful is given to mamahku, mamahku so surprised who she is? and she replied “I Abeng theme” Man, Try to think, now that she’s really embarrassed the guns had come into the house of a man? Apparently quite man so many letters from me, other times more connected. from friend – Abeng Irwan – CASTLE PARK SKY More Sharing Services Share| Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on google Share on favorites

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