Setangkai Mawar Dari Glugu Duwur

he [Pujawati] was the first
woman who stopped my
heart, my lunch every
night and was always
drawn her beautiful figure
like a sweet angel of Khayangan, he is a friend
of mine, he’s deep in the
city opposite the house he
lived in the village of
Pangandaran staying in a
rented Pananjung very simple, one day when I was
in the mosque ablution
accidentally I met with him,
he just got out of the WC,
I accidentally hit him,
PUJAWATI “gee I’m sorry, I accidentally guns” ME “oh
ya guns is okay” and went
and I pujawati ablution
again, that was the first
time I met pujawati, her
new employee disebuah minimarket in
Pangandaran town , that
night at Pangandaran were
any events coming concert
artists of the capital in the
field of Pangandaran expressway ends, is “THE
VIRGIN” that night me and
my friends go to watch
maghrib prayer because
acaranyapun starts at 7, the atmosphere of the
night was so crowded,
nearly Pangandaran along
the highway full of vehicles
and pedestrians, they all
want to go to a concert THE VIRGIN, was so crowded
people, I separated from
the group of my friends
and this is worse again hp
guns behind home so I
could call my friends, I’m alone now and then I go
into the field who knows
later there
be met at my friends, I
parked the bike outside
the field while I go on foot, and konserpun already
begun, the first song sung
very lively, all on Joged but
I did not, because I’m shy,
I’m just looking distance, I was so admires both gadisi
it (THE VIRGIN), to some of
the songs have been sung
and the song came on that
I’ve been waiting, yeah
song “FORBIDDEN LOVE” his spirit
was so I will move forward
without feeling my body
and I will tergerakan
berjoged like the others, I
am very happy at that time, to forget it all, the song is
over and the virgin was
saying goodbye and
replaced by the other, this
time is equally cool, yes
they are SHAGYDOG, because I do not like, I
retreated to the back and
back to the motor, and the
fear of missing my bike
turns on the bike
was occupied by two women, and I greet
“Excuse me Ms., bike”,
fitting her peek, eh turns
him Pujawati, the
afternoon saw me in the
toilet, he was the first to greet me. “uh, you, not you
who work in shop
beautiful blooms? ” and I
replied with a heart
trembling with shame
“iiiiyaa” he again asked “ko ye alone anyway? where
your friends are?” I replied
“I was fitting set kepisah”
then we talked
much, until he asked me
the name of “uh, by the way who the hell is your
name? I replied” I Ibeng
IRWAN name “and then we
shook hands and he said” I
pujawati name, and this is
my friend name Mayangsari “That’s the first time I met a
women, my heart is so
excited and came out in a
cold sweat, he asks no
phone to me, and I love it, it
was night and konserpun was over, I said goodbye
to them


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