Senja Di Glugu Duwur

In the dark of night Yulianto, is the name of a figure of a good friend he is now the middle school at one high school in the town of Pangandaran, Yulianto is the figure of a handsome man, intelligent and knowledgeable in- depth that it makes, Karnati, one of the girls also classmates from yulianto make him fall in love, but Yulianto is not an easy man to love, he is a figure of a man who was very very closed, especially with women, with his own he also rarely want to communicate, maybe some people think that science yulianto have magic, but in fact he did not have anything, only faith in himself that he’s got. even all those dikampunya all talking about him, they were so surprised that every time he met someone he always indifferent and
do not want to greet him. Yulianto now sitting in class 3 SMA, while Karnati, the girl who loved him, now seated in class 2 SMA , every second of every time a face that always yulianto always accompany solitude karnati in lamunanya, karnati so difficult to express in yulianto that he was in fact very loving, karnati only sent his regards to his friends to be submitted to yulianto, but not at all yulianto reply greeting, he is very aggressive, until one day Karnati ventured to visit his home Yulianto. Today Sunday, November 4, 2007 at 12 noon and the second
theme karnati motorhome
yulianto three went to the house, when it was the middle yulianto home alone with his friend Prince Fennel, when it’s all yulianto family were going out of the house and stopped in front of the house yulianto karnati and as he walked forward and knocked on the door, Yulianto already knew it before that karnati had come to her home and, yulianto then determined, and said to the Prince of fennel, “O Prince of fennel friend, it would be admirable if andika will not open the door, I was actually being sought by three figures of one woman who loves me “and then the Prince fennel replied,” Yes Yulianto, I will firmly maintain our friendship, I actually belongs to the class of fools when I betrayed “Long karnati waited and knocked on the door but no human being during the same coming from inside the house welcomes
kedatanganya, then karnati and her friends went home and left the city yulianto these students. Day by day as the faster time passes, the school unnoticed Yulianto has entered the threshold of graduation, one day, when yulianto go to school late, when that motorcycle parking place, suddenly karnati come alone from
the direction of the Qibla then went and greeted yulianto, ” Hi, To,,, you just go huh, is already noon loe, schools already on the line in the field “Yulianto replied:” oh yeah? also yourselves why you still here? karnati: “yeh … I also guns in” Yulianto: “oh yeah? yes already I go in first, yes, “Karnati:” Wait ….!? “Yulianto:” anything else? “Karnati:”
To, in fact I’d love to talk with you one thing and that thing I was from since
I know you used to I want to say, you gotta listen to ya! “then they both sat on a bench under a shady banyan tree accompanied by gusts of wind in the morning participating dikala that accompany them. Karnati:” To, is the ideal that is a person’s desire to be able to change the course of his life and because of these ideals, one must be willing to do anything for it, but because it does not mean the person does not need guidance from others and do not need love, I’ve heard all feeling right now To, from Fennel prince friend, the one thing I want to do to me this morning, is the sincere help and change the way of living a selfish, do not even think about others and never assume the existence of a genuine love. To, the first since the first time I met
you I felt different from the others I feel that you are bright figure in my dark side coming when I need love, but you are indeed very aggressive at all you never thought about what love is and loyalty, there is only dibenakmu ideals that may not last, I kept trying to come to you this time despite how. To, I’m also not the one who understands manners in this worldly life, I’m just someone who wanted to try to change the way your life is mired in endless solitude. To, Can you understand this? “The hasty heart then yulianto attempt to answer all said
words spoken by karnati so prolonged, “Yeah … yeah … yeah … I know kar,, maybe my heart had been blinded by their own carnal my soul, so I can not feel that there has been an angel figure beautiful and generous people always always miss my existence is uncertain. kar I apologize to you, because during this my attitude towards you too aggressive even to everyone, you will you help me to be a real man? that can be loved and to love? “Karnati:” Why not? indeed it has become my resolve had always, would love to see Prince Charmings my heart is the true figure of a man who is not concerned kepentinganya own, “Yulianto:” You promise? “Karnati:” yes “turns behind the words karnati
yulianto to keep it all a lie, tonight yulianto it tells all the events that happened this afternoon to his friend Prince Fennel,. Yulianto: Yes Prince Fennel my best friend, in fact I was very difficult group of people to love and be loved, who knows what demons possessed middle path this
time so I fikiranku difficult to welcome Karnati, Beautiful and kind-hearted angel who had always missed and always wanted me to change, do you think what is the best way for me ya prince fennel best friend? ” Prince Fennel: “Yes my friend I sebagah Yulianto friend will certainly provide the best thing for you, right karnati said, you should change your life much better than it is today, you must be able to think up that you live in this world not only themselves, but so many out there who need you, and the one thing you must remember, God will not give you anything if you do not ask. possible lack of faith that makes your
heart alone in dreamy reverie endless. ” Yulianto: “yes maybe Das, I need to isolate themselves for some time, the announcement tomorrow after graduation I will kuliyah in
Jakarta and stayed there. I ask you one thing das, explain all of this on karnati, that love can not be forced, I do not can love karnati I felt I was not fit for biting denganya, she’s beautiful and generous people I have ever known, tell him there are many better men than me out there, “Prince fennel:” God willing I will tell salamu on karnati. “day change day as the time passed quickly,
kelulusanpun day arrived, it turned all students passing all, and just waiting for the day of the party and farewell, but yulianto unlikely to attend it, he went to Jakarta faster and did not tell the man. At that time perpisahanpun day arrives, all students are required to wear clothing and Jas principal, as usual Prince fennel always go together with yulianto, when the prince came to his house Yulianto fennel, then the prince was surprised when I heard yulianto been moved to Jakarta, and the prince went to school alone . That morning the atmosphere in the school building was so crowded by students and guardians of students and visitors who come to the school, in the middle of the crowded party atmosphere, then the prince met with karnati and karnati asked, “Where Yulianto? Tumben guns with you? Prince:” Kar,, , Yulianto has gone. “Karnati:” go where? Why did not you tell – said to me? “Prince:” I know kar guns, this morning when I came over yulianto, his mother said that she had already left for Jakarta, he will kuliyah there, before he’s told all of this to me yet I never thought that he would leave as soon as it leaves us all, he entrusted me one thing for you, you were a beautiful woman and a good heart, out there are still a lot better than Yulianto, you should be able to forget yulianto and trying to find the Laing . “since it karnati be closed and rarely speak, Prince fennel was one of those who always always accompany keseharianya,
now they have graduated from school, Prince fennel work as one of the employees in a company renowned in Pangandaran town, while karnati began to open own business as a pastry maker. every time Prince fennel and karnati always spend time together, until one day the
love between them grows, the time continues to run until their relationship forward into marriage, both of whom have now officially become husband and wife, it turns out pastries businesses they run so fast, until sold out the town of Pangandaran. continue to run until a time when they dikaruniani a girl who is so beautiful, the child was named Hadrat El syamsa. Yulianto On the
other hand who is now living in the city, he too became smart people, he succeeded in creating their own work, he built a sizable Electronics Store it all is the result of his labors alone, Yulianto until now has not had a girlfriend let alone a wife, kuliyahnya have graduated a year ago and his parents brought to Jakarta . yet Yulianto not forget the figure of peanut skin she always remembered Glugu Duwur village and of course this beautiful Pangandaran town, once went to the village planning yulianto halamanya first, seems in his heart still hampered figure karnati,. Yulianto go alone, he did not bring personal car but he was riding a city bus, and then when he got in the terminal Pangandaran she switched to another car and headed to the village Glugu Duwur,
Sidomulyo village, when he got in front of the stall Bu Dewi him down and there seems karnati figure was holding a small child, suddenly surprised to see karnati yulianto and karnati to her arrival, she was greeted Yulianto, “Mas Yuli, Yuli Mas is true? how reportedly mas? “Yulianto so surprised to see karnati holding a child and he replied” Thank God either, yourselves how kabaranya? This little brother huh? “Karnati so alarmed and said:” a …. a …. a …. instead, it anaku “when it yulianto so do not believe it, she asked again:” oh yeah? when did you get
married? let me know why the guns? “Karnati replied:” I’m married already more than 3 years before I do not know where you live so I can not give an invitation to you “Yulianto:” oh so the story goes, maybe God has willed so that I could not attend the wedding my best friend, yes already I want to go first yes! “karnati replied:” where are you going? “Yulianto:” house of my friend the Prince of fennel “Karnati:” Geez mas, I forgot you one thing, that Prince fennel has now become my husband “Yulianto:” haaaah?? “he was so shocked, and then they both headed home the Prince fennel, they met. Yulianto hugged the Prince and said,” O Prince of fennel friends, long-nian tora guns found “Prince:” yes my friend, no wind what the hell to bring you back to this Pangandaran town? “Yulianto:” guns of anything I just kepengin just see the land of my birth, it is still the same so from the first, oh yeah congratulations on your marriage together, hopefully lasting until death separates you and guns I thought, yes, it turns out you used the same introductory message to marriage karnati, ha .. ha .. ha “Prince:” ah you could have, oh yes you yourselves want to stay longer in Pangandaran right? there lived in my house! “Yulianto:” Yes thank you for the favor you, but I can not linger here, dijakarta there is still much work that I finish, so congratulations happy for you two, I’m home, Assalamualaikum … Prince & Karnati: “Walaikum greeting” From this story we can conclude that we should not waste the person who has done good and loves us despite how
the shape and likeness of the person, and we should not be selfish that out there are still many people who need us … đŸ˜‰


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