Asmara Di Bukit Kedung Gondang

July 2005, I was only just
out of the junior high
school, I chose my own
way by not proceeding to
a higher school, I prefer to
work and be independent, it all was my dream since
childhood, I promised
myself, that I will live
independently and will not
ask their parents again,
that dream has now been realized, I have been
working at one of Home
Ciamis this city, my income
is not much, just enough to
complement my own needs and the most important for
me is to give a little extra
income to my parents,
because I tinggalah only
child, all sister – my sister
was married and had my own home and I tinggalah
themselves living with my
parents that he was no
longer young. lot of people
said I was a very and very
closed, I miss my daily only in silence, as if locked my
mouth to say something, so
my friends no longer want
to be friends with me and
the people everything
around me away from me in May in January 2006
without being felt already
six months I worked, I
knew a girl, her name
Pujawati he was a
neighbor where I was working, Pujawati is the
second woman I love, after
my first love story has
ended with disappointment
and remorse, Pujawati
figure is a good girl and hospitality to all, the one
thing that makes me
admire him, namely his love
for me, I really wonder, of
all women, all eyes were
turned away when looking at love, but Pujawati so
different, he was the first
woman to expressing his
love to me, while my First
love story, Pipit, is the first
time I loved him. At first I did not know if pujawati
put feelings to me, he just
left a word untuku
greeting to his theme,
saying “Greetings Create
Revelation”, over time these words reach the ears
and feeling hesitant
afternoon after work, I
Pujawati came home and
chatted a bit, without
talking about the Problem Greetings, and pujawati
because I was a friend, so
we are used to chat like
friends, there’s a concert
tonight dangdut of capital,
suddenly Pujawati mengajaku to watch,
“Revelation, tonight you
would go to a concert
guns?” Pujawati said, “Yes,
yes donk, his guns no
capital artist to watch, is not a rare event like this” I
replied, “If so ye guns right
mind I come with you?”
Sapa Pujawati, “Yes Engga,
I’m just happy there that
accompany “Reply me,” But you have the same
permission papahku yes,
because I could travel the
night alone “Sapa
Pujawati,” Yes dehh “With
heartfelt flowery and mixed with misgivings, I
went home and shower
then dinner Pujawati day I
came home, when he got
there, pujawati waiting for
me on the porch as long waiting, then Pujawati me
in, and I sat in the living
room, while the kitchen to
make me Pujawati to drink,
I was treated to hot tea
and a little snack, the deep I was daydreaming and
talking to himself,
“Pujawati … pujawati did
not you bother
menyuguhiku like that,
just enough for me to view wajahmulah” Pujawati
suddenly said to me
“heeey,,, daydream wrote,
ngelamunin what the
hell?’s drinking ! ” Pujawati
said, “Oh Yeah Ti,, thanks, so ngerepotin you”
Answer me, “Ko so I’m a
bother? Should have me
apologize to you, because I
have asked you to come to
my house” Sapa Pujawati, “oh, engga Ti , engga ko, I
feel that guns “Answer me.
So we chat, before long, he
papahnya pujawati came
to us, he said “Oh, there are
apparently, you are Yu? Long?” Tanya Papah
Pujawati, “Engga ko Om,
just nyampe” Answer me,
then we just talk, until the
middle of the clock shows
19:00 o’clock, then I express my resolve, I ask
permission to papahnya
pujawati, that I would ask
him, “Om , Tonight at
Pangandaran want any
independent field dangdut concert and artist he said
of Jakarta, it’s tablets that
often appear on TV, “I
asked,” Oh yeah? even
audience will not know,
but Om is old, guns like the same show such things,
there you wrote a movie,
you’re still young of course
happy donk, om too young
the first time happy
kelayaban night, especially if there are events dangdut
“papahnya Pujawati
replied,” Uncle, may I invite
pujawati? ” I asked “Yes
please, but do not come
home at night, that’s the one pujawati weak, sickly
especially easy night air
hit” Reply papahnya
pujawati, then we both
left, a night on the town of
Pangandaran at that time was so crowded, especially
in the Field Freedom
Pangandaran, Exactly at 8,
the artist of the capital up
stage, all pairs of eyes on
him not to mention the two of us, until he was already
brought a few songs and
artists off stage was
replaced by a local artist, I
invite pujawati to go away
from the concert, Night it is the 15th of the Javanese
calendar, which means it is
a full moon night, usually
when the full moon arrives
and I used my friends hang
out and see the full moon from the edge of the East
coast of Pangandaran,
that’s the thing that I
would do that night, I
asked to see pujawati view
of the full moon of the east coast of Pangandaran,
pujawati was willing, upon
arrival on the east coast we
both sat bersandingan,
while chatting, “Hi, this is
what I always do with my friends when the full moon
came incarnate, we used to
hang out at the beach east
and look at the beautiful
full moon in the sky “I said.
“Seneng yes so you, your life is free, no matter where
you go there are ngelarang
guns, while I like to go to
the shop to buy snacks
guns aja ma papah be”
Sapa Pujawati. “Papah means that you really
really love you Ti, you
papah guns would happen
to you, and the one thing
you must remember that Ti
Women and Men are different, the woman is a
sacred creature and have
self-esteem that is essential,
the honor, and she shall
keep kehormatanya, do to
honor those lost in a way that is not kosher, because
it is priced honor his
“Answer Me. “Good
Heavens, I’m so very lucky
to have a friend as good as
you yu,” Answer Pujawati. with anxious hearts,
actually I wanted to
express my love to
pujawati, but as my mouth
was locked, and I think
without pujawati suddenly said to me “Revelation, this
time you were nganggap
me to be?” pujawati asked
“What do you mean?
bukanya far we be
friends? ya friend Dhonk” Answer me. “I mean, did
not you ever feel like me at
all? Yeah I mean you
nganggap I’m more than
just a friend?” Tanya
Pujawati, When I direct a pensive heart dag-dig-dug-
ser, my heart says “I
preceded him, why even
women who reveals her
feelings to me” “Heeey,, ko
actually filmed?” Tanya Pujawati “Ti Geez, I’ve got a
question you kepikiran
guns rich to me, but from
I’ve been really really want
to talk like that to you, but
instead you were first” Answer me, “So, you like
me?” pujawati asked, “Ti
yeah, I’ve been I love you,
but I’m waiting for the
right time to express my
feelings for you, and as it is now, but instead you used
the talk” Answer me, “I’m
so yu” said pujawati, “Ti ,
you want guns be my
special friend? ” I asked,
“You mean your friends who do?” pujawati asked,
“Friends special, I mean you
want guns so beloved?” I
asked, pujawati pensive
moment and then said “I
want” …. When it became my life seemed rosy to
have a new life, that night
we were both very happy,
the happiness that I sang a
rhyme for pujawati, “Duhai
moon night winsome decorate the palace roof in
Pangandaran this earth, we
are witness honeyed love,
pray to God for the
survival of our love, O thou
fly the night wind to my friends and go into her soul
as she whispers words of
love to her, to calm her
heart and say that I have
found my true love, look at
the roof of her shining star sky beautiful Pangandaran
town, we both gaze
between the reef and the
waves participating
accompany our happiness,
we gaze at the moon looked like unto thee, O
night thou shalt not move
away because tonight I
was once like always by his
side to look and feel the
beauty of the science of love, O beloved gaze at my
face and say I love you and
I want to be with you, and
promise you to stay with
me in sorrow, jokes and
laughter, O happy merasuklah into our souls,
and tentramlah and always
keep you in our hearts and
loyalty do not let it turn, O
jealous come on and
merasuklah us because without you we would not
be perfect love, O night
syairku recite to all the
love in the world, that
tonight I’m in love and
honeyed love and affection “Since the incident I was
finding my new life, a life
filled with love and
affection, our relationship
is increasingly being up
unnoticed already nearly three months, when it
came from Jakarta and my
uncle offered me a job and
I was obliged to wander
away from the island of
Java, in the land of Andalas, It had been a dream since
the small to go far from the
island of Java and
experience. evening
before the next day went
to Sumatra, I invite Pujawati girlfriend for road
and as usual we sat
together on the edge of
the east coast,
Pangandaran, that
afternoon I told everything to pujawati,
originally pujawati not
allow I had to go, but after
I talked to her a lot
pujawati finally let me
leave this beautiful town of Pangandaran, in fog and
drizzle pekatnya flushed
Pangandaran town at that
time, I sang one word to
pujawati, “For Pujawati
Pujaanku, no word but sorry, I’m sorry I have to
go away from you and
leave this beautiful
Pangandaran town, does
not mean I did not sever
our relationship, but I’m just going to leave you
from you for a while, in
order to pursue my
dreams, promise me one
thing that you will never
turn away from me and you will always feel jealous
when I’m with another
woman, always keep your
pride keep your physical
body like unto thee!
bisikanlah word love and pray for the survival of our
love ! “…. Pujawati can not
answer with words just
nodded with tears tears
wetting her cheeks .. and
one more sentence I say to him “Pujawati Goodbye,
goodbye my lover!?” and
the next morning I set out,
before leaving Uncle and I
pick up a friend from
Majenang – Cilacap, he is a friend to be affective with
me, her name Mayangsari
he had just graduated from
high school, and then we
set off by boat from the
harbor water. 3 Day 3 Night we oscillated above
the sea. 3 days have passed
our ride had arrived at
Andalas Island, in the city
Deli Serdang, this is my
home, my new residence, in this city I worked as one of
the employees at a famous
restaurant with with
Mayangsari, I worked not
with the system but on
their own contracted work like Factory, penghasilanya
was not large, no more
than 1 million per month.
feeling sick and tired
sometimes surrounds the
heart, and soul, but what sense might say, would
you like guns , like guns
like I should be at home
because it is not in Jakarta
or Bandung, is opposite the
island of Sumatra in the very far away from my
hometown in Pasundan
ground. Day after day I
went through the full
Duka, Canda, laughter,
tears and Mayangsari happy with my best friend,
he was the only friend who
is always there when I’m
sad, he is regaled with
senyumanya, dikala me
smile he who makes me smile, when his
kesibukanku it I have a
hobby that is Playing a
musical instrument, the
guitar, almost every night I
always memainkanya, while Mayangsari he has a
hobby of writing, with a
closet full of books he
writes results, until one
night I was sitting on the
front porch at our boarding house, I played
guitar and sang a song,
suddenly came and sat
beside me Mayangsari
“What song yu? everything
seems bad didengerin” Tanya Pujawati, I just shut
up and keep playing guitar,
soon Mayangsari his diary
entry and ditinggalkanya,
without tersadari I opened
the book and read it, I really did not expect to
turn out in his diary
recorded that much about
me, apparently secretly
Mayangsari love me, I do
not seem to believe it.

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