Sepucuk Surat Dari Prumpung Lestari

Thursday, August 25, 2011, Friday night was the night I walk around with my best friend walking Rendra menghitari motorcycle riding this beautiful Pangandaran town, that’s what I always do when his heart was down in the mouth,
but this time, it was the Raendra mengajaku to go, apparently there was
something he wanted to tell me, we would never have thought that the night was going to rain so heavy, until circumstances make us step freezes and a time to take
shelter sector in a doorway, the heavy rain in the atmosphere unabated us a time to chat while waiting for the white clouds come incarnate. Raendra: “Yes Revelation friend, Do you know what my feelings at the moment?” Revelation: “No …” Raendra: “I’m stuck between two options that love me, you know it Nurul? She was the first woman who taught me about love and compassion, and you also know it Winda?? Him is a small fairy who loves sincerely and kelebihanku regardless of the current shortage, but did not you ever know that I could never love Winda but I also can not leave them, what was the thing I can do to resolve this matter? anything I need to winda frankly that I could not love him?
but it will make the brokenhearted and
feelings winda. You know the how nature Nurul? behind nature pendiamnya he also has properties that I never liked, I want to have a sense that’s what made ​​him do it is not commendable to Winda, Winda come see me this afternoon he told me that Nurul had come rebuked and scolded, he complained about all the deeds Nurul me. Till grew feeling hatred towards nurul, when it also nurul I went home and I ask them to nurul, with the hasty heart nurul kesalahanya try to reveal to me, Nurul “ndra, you know? how desire? I do not want any other woman among us I just want both of us, “Rendra:” but not the way like that, to make you blow up-mad winda, Nur, I always think of you as the first angel who came into my life, you’re the first woman gave me and taught me what love and affection, tepapi feel it disappear instantly when I know that you had a very foul thorn in your heart, so you
never appreciate the feelings of others, you were arrogant, what did not you think how you feel when there all of a sudden someone comes to you and he mengancamu??

To Be Continued ….



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