Mengungkap Kebusukan Sri Oktavianingrum

Tuesday, July 28, 1998 I started my first job as a cashier at a supermarket in the town of Kudat after graduating high school a few months ago, this profession is not a profession that I love, sometimes there is a sense of saturation that are always enveloped my mind, there are also some people who say to me, high school-steeper useless if only finished a cashier, but all that I did not enter the heart comrade,, Ideals, ideals yeah, it’s possible that this time I was being fought, for the ideals that any job will I lakoni including kosher so long as a cashier,,, It’s been almost a year I worked here, the employees here are 8 people consists of 5 men and 3 women, and even then not enough, the boss we are looking for one more female employees, a result Widowati Lia, who was elected as a new employee, he was a friend of my class during junior high used to be., and rumahnyapun not far from me, I feel happy because there departed friend and go home together, each morning I always went to the house to pick her Lia, and pulangpun always together, how
happy I was when the man, but the happiness did not last long. there is a best friend at work, the name of Sri Oktavianingrum, who knows what is in his mind so as to how could he do all this on Lia. Perhaps he was jealous of lia, because so far I can not accept his love, he put his heart has long been to me, he’s always watching me but I had no feeling whatever her any less of him but I really could not love him, even though he was always close to me,,. Lia bawaanya always put bags in the drawer where she worked, the morning the atmosphere in the supermarket so crowded with visitors,
all busy with activities, respectively, At 14:00 I saw from a distance approaching Sri workplace Lia and his movements are very suspicious, and I to
him, Sri so shocked while holding her purse Lia, I asked Sri: “Sri, you what are you doing?” Sri replied “It’s okay” he continues walked away, I was so surprised. Lia has antiques that others do not have, namely Manik Cupu, she always put it in a bag, usually Cupu The Boss always borrow the bead on Lia, a Lia came when The Boss, Boss: “Lia, I borrow cupu manikmu” Lia “Pa was in the bag, take it yourself!” then the boss took it out of the bag Lia, Disaster for Lia, it turns out the boss found a Goods daganya A watch that costs more than a hundred million there in his bag Lia, once the boss like a man possessed. Lia And immediately scold it out, lia can only be silent and cry, I try to
defend lia “Pa,, this all
is not as it is imagined father, lia victim of slander Pa., last I saw
with my own eyes sri to work and holds his
briefcase lia Lia” boss: “alaaah,, it just you just subterfuge revelation to cover your lover’s behavior bejad “I,” but pa,,,, “The boss:” From this minute lia, I fired you “Heart lia so devastated, that afternoon I lia between the parents and I explain everything that has happened, but parents can not do anything lia, he said we could not do anything about it. The next night I went to his house Sri, I tried to appeal. Tok … tok … tok … I knocked on his door sri, sri and her mother out, “Hey Rev, what yu? was Sri bathe her again, let’s go first” me: “guns have ma’am, I’m just waiting outside” Soon Sri exit “Hey Rev, what is it? tumben- tumbenan you to my house? ” Me: “Sri,, I never thought you would do it on the lia, is what’s wrong with Lia, sri?” Sri: “weve me to do?” me: “do not be a hypocrite you alaaaah Sri, you are putting it in her purse Lia watch it?” Sri: “but ….?!” Then Sri silent and felt guilty. Sri: “Revelation, the guns you’ve ngertiin feeling me, you are aggressive, you know? During this time that I extremely loved you, but you never pay the slightest attention to me, why Yu?” Revelation: “one thing Sri, that I can not love you, Your character that it can not be loved, as long as I count you as my own blood brother, why you would do that to
me all Sri?” Sri: “Yes it was because I do not wanna lose you I want beside you forever I want to be lawful “Revelation:” If you want to be the lawful for me, try to adjust as the way your life to the right path “Sri:” Definitely Yu, I’ll change, I’ll do anything to get your love , I promise to be a good woman “…


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